Hi! I'm Marcus MacGregor, author and illustrator of the Mark Banana series.

As a dad and former teacher, I have always been grateful for lighthearted stories that celebrate childhood as a time of joy, wonder, and growth. Mark’s misadventures are based largely on my own childhood which, thanks to my loving parents, was a happy one.

Every Mark Banana book begins with the words, “This book is historical fiction.” Most of the major story points – especially the outrageous and improbable ones – are based on things that actually happened to me (or for which I was culpable). To weave readable narratives, I have taken liberties with details and chronology, but even the invented scenes are inspired by real feelings, relationships, and conversations.

On a side note, I strongly recommend read-aloud story time as the best way to introduce a child to any Mark Banana book. Stories associated with the warmth of a parent are more likely to be re-read than ones handed off without ceremony. And you have my promise: even though the stories have been written primarily for kids, I have woven plenty of subtle humor throughout that will tickle your funny-bone, too!

May Mark’s continuing adventures be a delight and encouragement to the children you love during their formative years…

Marcus MacGregor