Mark Banana and the Broken Bullwhip!

Mark Banana and the Broken Bullwhip!

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Mark needs a bullwhip to pretend he is an adventurer. When his mother makes him one out of some old rawhide shoelaces, Mark couldn't be happier. That is, until the day he spies a REAL bullwhip at the mall. With his birthday money he buys his dream, never imagining that just around the corner lies a heartbreak worse than any jungle pitfall!

Chock-full of delightful scenarios and hilarious plot twists, each Mark Banana story is a read-aloud treat for the whole family! The books are also perfect for developing readers who are looking to gain skill and confidence. Colorful illustrations on every page make the narratives easy to follow, even when encountering new vocabulary.

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(Paperback Edition)
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The books can be read in any order, so start with the one that looks the most interesting to you and yours. Welcome to the series that celebrates imagination, character development, and family!